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About Sriragavendra Temple Jewellery

I am S.RAMACHADRAN From Vadasery, Specialist in making Temple Jewellery for the past 48 Years. I learnt this craft from my father Shri.L.SWAMY ACHARI. My grand father Shri.LAKSHMANA ACHARI trained this craft to my father, and my grandfather acquired this skill from his father SHRI. SHENBAGARAMAN.

SHRI. SHENBAGARAMAN ACHARI worked in Travancore province as an eminent Temple Jewellery Artisan. For his excellent work Travancore king gave him a title ” DEVANSENATHIPATHI UDHAYAMARATHANDAN” and also donated a Land.

We sold our Temple Jewellery ornaments to the private parties only. Central Government announced the temple Jewellery crafts as a Languish craft and helped us in many ways with full support from their side. Moreover,by this act with the help of the central Government Handicrafts Development and Extension Centre “Geographical Indication ” is provided for the Temple Jewellery.

We have participated in exhibition held in various cities like Delhi,Mumbai,Kolkatta, Chennai, organized by the Handicrafts Development Centre and encouraged us by giving the expenses occurred for this trip. Through these exhibitions only, people at world wide come to know that many artisans at Vadasery are making Temple Jewellery.

Sri Ragavendra Temple jewellery Awards

I have received many Tamilnadu State awards such as “Poombuhar State Award” for the best Handicrafts artisan for the Yeat 2011-2012, and “Living craft treasure award” for the Years 2013-2014, from our Honorable Chiefminister J.JAYALALITHA, and i feel very proud for getting these awards.

The Workshop

At present my son S.R. SWAMINATHAN in the 5th generation learnt this craft from me and doing it in a successful manner. He got the “Poombuhar District Award” for the Years 2012-2013 for the best Handicrafts artisan. Now he is pursuing this business.

By the recommendation of the Handicrafts Development and Extension centre and Indian overseas Bank our District Collector appreciated me for receiving the awards and opened a Facebook account for me. Hence we gained many orders from America, Australia directly from the global countries, and we are despatching our Temple Jewellery work to the destination efficiently.

I express my sincere gratitude to the Government for providing me these opportunities .


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